General Information about the lodge and your stay

Lodge Information

Here’s some general information to assist you in staying at our lodge.


Things to Bring

  • Light indoor Clothing. Layers for Outside.

  • Linen - sheets, pillowcases and towels unless you’ve requested our linen service

  • Food, snacks and drinks

  • Bathroom supplies, package so you can move them in and out of the shared bathrooms.

  • Entertainment options - books, magazines, Tablets, Computers. We have WiFi available for guests.

If you are planning to cook you are better off bringing your ingredients with you as there are only limited (and expensive) supplies available in the Mountain stores. Each room has a fridge shelf, a freezer draw and a large pull out storage draw allocated to them in the Kitchen. The Lodge is well equipped with cooking and dining equipment, so there is no need to bring any of that along. There is also a shared drinks fridge and a cold store room where vegies, etc can safely be left (In a sealed box!)

The kitchen has some basic supplies, salt & pepper, instant coffee and tea, sugar. There is a Nespresso pod compatible coffee machine for the morning caffeine hit, so bring some pods along if you want to make use of that.

The Lodge is well heated, so light clothing should keep you comfortable after skiing. There is a large drying room so your snow gear is easily dried off between runs and we have an internal ski room to store the all important gear.

The Lodge has a coin operated washer and dryer, if you need to do some washing. We’d suggest bringing your washing detergent along and some extra $1 coins, if you feel you’ll need to use this.


Staying in a Lodge

Wongungarra Lodge was established in 1969 and has since undergone several significant transformations to provide modern facilities whilst retaining it's traditional charm.

We are also very fortunate to have one of the best locations in the Devonport Village, with less than a minutes walk to the supermarket, nearest bar and restaurant, lift ticket purchase and ski hire. See video clip.

Best of all there's no long treks up/down hills or steps to get in and out for skiing, or unloading the car.

Modern, well appointed, multi-level lodge with spectacular panoramic views across the high plains.

Fully carpeted and centrally heated, with large living areas, featuring cathedral ceilings and warm timber finishes.

Comfortable accommodation for 47 guests in bedrooms sleeping from 4 to 6 people in a combination of queen size and single bunks complete with warm fluffy Doonas.

Well-appointed dual kitchen equipped with ovens and microwaves ideal for self-catering.

Excellent drying room and laundry facility.

Separate downstairs recreational/games area with HD screen.

Resident Lodge Manager and professional cleaning during the winter season.

Why do people prefer staying at a Lodge?For many it's the combination of having plenty of space to relax, the friendly people you get to meet, and the cost effectiveness - particularly with the ability to self-cater. We've often found couples and families form life-long friendships, as kids find adventure playing together. In contrast, we've had feedback that staying in a hotel room, apartment or chalet can become somewhat isolating.

The members of the club also pride themselves on giving our guests the most positive experience possible. Students, school groups and other clubs have found our accomodation to be great for their needs too.

Getting From The Car To The Lodge - There are designated loading zones along the side of the road where you are permitted to park for about 30 minutes while you pack or unpack the car. The main loading zone is about 80 meters over flat ground from the front door of our lodge just near "Jack Frost".

We are fortunate in that we are not on the Great Alpine Road itself as this often means steps to climb, nor are we miles down the Davenport road. Instead it's a simple matter of using the Club's sled to transport your gear the short distance from the car to the lodge.

Moving In and Out - The entrance to the lodge is equipped with a combination lock for ease of access, whilst providing security. The combination of the lock is changed periodically and it will be issued to guests in time for their visit to the lodge.

The changeover time for moving in and moving out is 3.00pm.

A temporary storage facility is provided for stowage of gear for people who like to complete their final days skiing before departing the lodge or others who arrive at the lodge early in the morning of their first day.

Ski/board storage & Drying Room - Just inside the secure entrance to the left is the ski and board storage racks, complete with stainless steel drainage traps. Further in is the 'get-your-gear-on' room, adjacent to an expansive and efficient drying room for clothing.

The Kitchen and Cooking - The kitchen is really two kitchens with all facilities being duplicated including commercial grade cooktops and ovens, microwave ovens, fridges, sinks, food preparation utensils, pots/pans/woks etc, and sets of cutlery & crockery.

Food Storage - The kitchen area contains some dozen or so cupboards that can be used for keeping all non-perishable foodstuffs. In addition to the fridges in the kitchen, there is also a freezer and "drinks fridge" downstairs. Of course, there’s also the snow just outside your window for cooling drinks!

Dining – With our recent renovation we now have an extensive dining area with many tables and great outlook to the North and East.

Sleeping - The lodge has queen sized beds and single sized beds with pillows

Lodge Guidelines

People choose to stay in a lodge to have the space to relax, and enjoy the company of others in a friendly atmosphere. For that reason we've outlined some guidelines for when staying at the lodge to ensure the comfort and saftey for everyone. 

Safety regulations prohibit smoking anywhere within the lodge. No Candles are to be used anywhere within the lodge.

Store personal toiletry items in your room, not in the shared bathrooms. Store personal clothing items in your room or drying room - not in the living room (our end-of-session lost property box gets full enough!)

You will have your own storage space in a cupboard in the kitchen for dry food stuffs, however it is suggested fruit and vegetables be placed in the cool storage space downstairs to free up space in the refrigerators. A dedicated fridge is provided downstairs for drinks so please use this rather than the kitchen fridges.

Laundry facilities are provided. Please ensure that you empty the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete, so that others may use it. The drying room may be used to effectively dry clothes and sheets.

Please keep noise levels down in the corridors interconnecting the bedrooms at all times to avoid disturbing people wanting to get some rest - this includes during the day - there may be those who may have over-indulged the night before!

The Lodge Manager usually takes care of the rubbish disposal, however if you see it needs doing then the helping hand is certainly appreciated. There are instructions near rubbish bin. All recyclable glass, and plastic is to be put into the clear recycle bags, and put out with the regular rubbish.

Conserve energy - If you are too hot, turn down heaters rather than leave windows open.

Check out time is no later than 2.00pm. Please ensure your gear is out of your room by this time, and if you intend skiing on your last day, place it in the temporary luggage storage space provided.

Contract cleaning is provided for the bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and dining areas however your assistance with cleaning your bedroom prior to departure is appreciated. Vacuuming of the floor, emptying of the waste bin and a quick clean of the vanity unit helps us prepare the room for the next guest.

We endeavour to have the rooms available for incoming guests as early as possible, but not before 3.00pm.

Please be considerate of others with regard to shared spaces, especially food preparation, cleanup, and noise. We also appreciate your assistance in maintaining the general tidiness of the lodge. Vacuum cleaners are available and it is appreciated if the recreation areas and corridors are kept nice and tidy.


Mount hotham Information

The best source for general Hotham information is the Mount hotham website at

The Resort Entry payment system can be accessed directly at or have a look at the Getting Here section on the Hotham Site for more details.

Road Conditions are available from Vicroads at search for Hotham Heights